Welcome To Wildography :


WILDOGRAPHY is for people who are wild about photography. We help amateurs and passionate photographers polish their skills and educate them about wildlife & nature photography. The passion is stretched to its limit on the field. We believe in giving a personal attention to every participant in order to improve their skills to an extent that they feel confident every time they lift the camera.

Wildography is an exacting answer to bring out the wildness and spontaneity in photography. We make sure that our students learn everything there is to know about the skill, procedure and business of photography. We make them realize that what once was a hobby has now become an art. Perhaps most importantly, students leave us with a portfolio of fantastic images, technical know-how, classy aesthetic awareness, and a realistic understanding of the business of photography.

Wildography has been doing workshops since 2009 in various fields namely wildlife in various parks, Kumbh Mela Haridwar in2010(street photography) and Kumbh Mela Allahabad in 2013, Ladakh in 2009and many more.

Our first workshop was in Ladakh in 2009 which gave us a boost to work harder and promote photography more and more.

Past Work